The Good Shepherd Mission Hospital and College of Nursing invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for the following positions.


The Chief Finance Officer provides both operational and programmatic support to the organization. The Chief Finance Officer supervises the finance unit and is the financial spokesperson for the organization. The Chief Finance Office reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on all strategic and tactical matters as they relate to budget management, costs benefits analysis, forecasting needs and the securing of new funding.

Duties & Responsibilities

• Ensure the appropriate strategic financial management for Good Shepherd Mission Hospital and College of Nursing.

• Daily management of the Accounts Department.

• Oversees budgeting processes, administration and implementation of finance policy.

• Develops and analyses metrics that showcase the institution’s performance.

• Works with multiple departments, such as accounting, human resources, payroll and procurement.

• Maintains relationships with key members of each team within the institution.

• Examines employee benefits packages and looks for cost-effective benefits solutions.

• Communicate with third parties that perform outsourced institution functions.

• Reviews and approves certain forms and contracts.

• Makes reports that deal with potential risks and solutions as well as the Hospital and College of Nursing overall financial state and presents those reports to the executive board.

• Develops tax, financial strategies and ensures the institution remains in line with the country’s tax regulations.

• Looks at insurance options and chooses the ones that are best for the institution.

Skills and Qualifications

Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in Accounting. ACCA added advantage.

Must have 5-10 Years of Management Experience, Strong Interpersonal Skills, Strong

Written Communication Skills, Strong Oral Communication Skills, Relationship Building, Adaptability, Detail Oriented, Multitasking, Strong Focus, Accounting Knowledge, Industry Experience, Integrity, Punctuality.


Managing and guiding the HR department of the Hospital and College of Nursing, including overseeing processes and policies to make sure they are fair for all employees, and managing other employees within the human resources department.

Duties & Responsibilities

• Assisting with recruiting and staffing, such as sitting in on interviews.

• Assisting to write job descriptions to attract quality candidates.

• Managing performance of current employees.

• Generating reports and data to quantify performance and skills.

• Developing and implementing new processes to help the Hospital and College of Nursing offer a better workplace for staff.

• Assisting with employee discipline.

• Offering orientation and other aspects of new employee onboarding.

• Sitting on Hospital and College of Nursing Unions and Committees to provide feedback and ways to improve the resources available to employees.

• Overseeing and scheduling employee counselling and other services.

• Overseeing compliance requirements.

• Following up on performance concerns and disciplinary action with staff members.

Skills and Qualifications

Degree in Human Resource Management, 5-7 years of Management experience. Good People Skills, Ability to Lead and Manage Employees, Participating in employee discipline and possible legal appeals for terminated staff, Organisational Skills, Sensitivity in Handling Confidential Issues, Good Oral and Written Communication Skills, Experience with Benefits, Employee Resources, and Employment Laws and Regulations, and Excellent Leader-ship skills to provide guidance and assistance to employees within the department as well as throughout the Hospital and Nursing College.

A competitive remuneration and package shall be awarded based on experience and proper qualification of the individual. Written applications accompanied by certified copies of academic certificates can be sent to:


Good Shepherd Mission Hospital,

P.O.Box 2 ,

Siteki, L300.

They may also be sent by email to recruitment@gsh.org.sz.

The deadline for applications shall be July 21, 2021 for both vacancies.

Only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted for interviews, if not contacted within 21 days consider your application to have been unsuccessful.