The Registration Council for Architects, Engineers, Surveyors and Allied Professionals (AESAP) hereby invites applications from suitable and qualifying candidates meeting the criteria below for the specified vacancy to be part of a dynamic and results driven team.

Key Skills, Attributes

Problem Solving Capability, Results Orientated, Good Interpersonal Skills, High Integrity, Team Player, Negotiation Skills and Attention to Detail.

Summary of Main  Duties:

• Responsible for the inspection of all construction sites in Eswatini.

• Monitor enforcement and compliance of the AESAP Act by all stakeholders.

• Ensure that written policies, procedures, and standards of conduct are adhered to by all stakeholders.

• Ensure implementation of compliance and monitoring policies of the Council.

• Ensure implementation of Council resolutions and decisions pertaining to compliance and monitoring.

• Provide leadership guidance to other AESAP departments on the improvement of compliance and inspections.

• Ensure that all consultants address and rectify all non-compliance issues identified.

• Ensure the customer relations function which includes but is not limited to; dealing with external clients while exercising empathy, professionalism, respect, clarity and concision is managed at the appropriate levels.

Qualification /Experience:

• Diploma related to the Built Environment, Marketing or Law.

• Degree will bean added advantage.

• Must have at least 3 years’ experience in the built environment.

• Must have a valid Driver’s License.

How to apply:

• Written applications together with curriculum vitae and 3 traceable references should be emailed (please attach copies of qualifications via email as well) to the address stated below saved for example name & surname_compliance_officer by Friday the 26th February 2021, posted, emailed or hand delivered to:

The Registrar, AESAP, P.O. Box 989, Mbabane, Office G05 Ground Floor, Dlanubeka Building, Mbabane.

Email: registrar@aesap.net