The Georgetown University Center for Global Health Practice and Impact


The Georgetown University Center for Global Health Practice and Impact (CGHPI) invites Expressions of Interest from suitable and qualifying consultants to provide the following consultancy services. CGHPI serves countries to improve their population health and well-being and to safeguard against health-related threats by advancing the use of evidence and human-centered enterprise architecture on the path towards achieving equity and social justice. CGHPI has received funding from CDC/Eswatini as part of its global TIDE (Translating Data and Evidence into Impact) program to collaborate with PSI Eswatini to determine economic opportunities available to Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) and any barriers that constrain access to these opportunities. This assessment is critical for understanding and addressing underlying systemic and structural socio-economic challenges that impact health seeking behaviors of AGYW.

Objectives and Scope of Economic Assessment Scope

The assessment will be conducted in Mafutseni, Ekukhanyeni & Lugongolweni. For each Inkhundla, an economic analysis/job demand market analysis will be undertaken using mixed methods including desk reviews and qualitative/ quantitative data collection. Findings will be used to inform the development of a strategy to support youth resilience, financial literacy, employment and entrepreneurship.

Scope of Work

1. Desk review analyzing and summarizing existing data and reports (e.g. World Bank or ILO) on labor market and economic assessments in Eswatini (both national and district data).

2. Segmentation and profiling of AGYW aged 15— 29 years, identifying their current economic status/vocation, and economic challenges faced.

3. Mapping of businesses in the three areas including gaps in enterprises that could provide opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship for AGYW.

4. Identification of available entrepreneurship/financial training opportunities for AGYW.

5. Identification of all existing market associations in the lnkhundla’s, their roles, reach and support services provided to AGYW if any.

6. Assessment of access to health services for AGYW especially HIV/A1Ds and family planning services and identification of barriers that impede their full participation in health-related activities and services


• Master’s in Economics, Business Administration, Social Science or related field • At least 7-10 years’ experience in similar types of work

• Strong understanding of the country’s landscape and economic development issues;

Submissions Responses must be emailed to cghpieswatinigeorgetown.edu on or before on 16 October 2020.

The assessment is expected to start in October 2020, with a maximum duration of 2 months.