Job Title:               Cooperative Development Officer (CDO)

Department:           Administration

Supervisor:            Executive Manager (EM)

Accountable to:      EM

Supervises:             No one

  1. Position Summary

Under the supervision of EM, the CDO will be responsible for providing institutional capacity development of Cooperatives through Apex Organizations in liaison with the Ministry of Commerce, the Co-operative Development College Eswatini (CODEC) and other stakeholders. Ensure cooperatives adherence to cooperative principles with increased capacity of local government for facilitation, monitoring and oversight.

  1. Primary duties and responsibilities
  • Develops and maintains an effective and harmonious relationship with Apex organizations to ascertain needs; respond to questions, concerns, and suggestions; improve cooperative participation; and promote common goals.
  • Design institutional capacity development plans for cooperatives
  • Design training content, methodology, training material and training manuals in accordance with cooperative principles.
  • Prepare training reports, conduct M&E, and manage training database.
  • Conduct/coordinate cooperative related level training at national/regional/local level.
  • Support cooperatives to identify individual and organizational training needs.
  • Liaise with cooperatives Apex organizations for training related activities.
  • Work on any other training related activities as per immediate needs and priorities when required.
  • Assist in preparing plans and logistics, organizing workshops, trainings etc.
  • Provide business development support to co-operatives in line NCFE strategy
  • Identify and propose lucrative business products, ventures, programs, or opportunities for the development of the co-operative movement.
  • Continuously undertake research to keep the movement at a competitive position and recommend interventions to the EM.
  • Support the development and/or revision of NCFE policies relating to the development of the co-operative movement.
  • Maintain an excellent relationship with Apex organizations and other stakeholders to maintain NCFE relevancy to the business development needs of the co-operative movement.
  • Identify and recommend to the EM funding opportunities for the development of the cooperative movement.


  1. Personal attributes
  • Demonstrates strong numerical and analytical skills.
  • Team player. Planning and organizing skills.
  • Excellent Communication skills i.e. English & Siswati.
  • Excellent research skills.
  • Computer Proficiency.
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.
  • Demonstrates integrity by modelling the NCFE’s values and ethical standards
  1. Qualifications
  • University degree in Commerce, Business Management, Economics, Development studies or equivalent
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in Cooperative Development or similar
  • Demonstrate high proficiency in statistical or related software(s)
  • Knowledge of the cooperative business model and its legislative regime is essential
  • A Driver’s License is a prerequisite

Interested candidates should forward their Resume and application letters to info@ncfeswatini.coop no later than 30 January 2023 by 5pm.