Job Title: Electronic M&E Systems Development Consultant

Organization CANGO

Department Monitoring and Evaluation

Brief background

CANGO is the Civil society PR for The Global Funds in Eswatini. As a PR, CANGO works with multiple implementing partners which require coordination and technical support. In an effort to ensure effective coordination and provision of technical support, CANGO will implement a robust M&E electronic system where all implementing partners will provide their program and administrative reports. Services of a consultant with experience in Community Health and Development program, Monitoring and Evaluation are therefore requested to develop and operationalize this system for CANGO and the implementing partners.

Main purpose of the assignment (State why the position exists)

This call is for a Consultant with expertise and experience in Community Health and Development Programming; Health and Development program monitoring and Evaluation as well as the design of health and development program monitoring and evaluation tools, systems and frameworks. The Consultant will work closely with the CANGO programs and M&E teams.

Reporting Structure

Reports directly to CANGO Monitoring and Evaluation Manager
Working Conditions The Consultant is expected to use his/her own working space and may on occasions be required to work at the CANGO Offices.

Company Specifications and Team Composition Qualifications and key project personnel

• The team should be comprised of at least three people who have expertise in team leading, system design and development, system administration and security, network configurations and hardware maintenance.


Master’s Degree in, Information Systems, Social Sciences, Community Development or any other related qualification with at least 7 or more years’ experience in;

• Community health and development sector programming

• Monitoring and Evaluation

• Database development

• E-programming

Knowledge and Experience required:

• Minimum of 5-7 years’ experience in the design, development and maintenance of systems and frameworks

• Experience in design, development and implementation of an electronic M&E database systems or data capturing systems.

• Knowledge of dynamic web-based and desktop applications;

• Experience with national monitoring and evaluation systems in the health and development sectors

Skills Required

• Good customer service and interpersonal skills

• Good command of oral and written English and siSwati

• Monitoring and evaluation of community health programmes


The firm should have personnel with individuals with the listed skills set and experience

• A proven ability to work with multiple stakeholders with set timelines.

• Ability to work independently with minimum supervision

• Excellent theoretical and practical knowledge of database development;

• Ability to programme in PHP, JAVA, VB, ASP.NET and HTML;

• Formal and non-formal education in information systems;

• Advanced knowledge of Database Servers, particularly MS SQL Server and MySQL Server; and

• English and siSwati language skills fluency highly required as these are the two official languages of Eswatini

• Ability to undertake professional writing and speaking responsibilities including facilitation and report writing. including professional speaking, writing, understanding, reading and professional presentations.

Key Performance Areas

The assignment’s key activities are:

1. Design, and develop software architecture;

2. Conduct conceptual, logical and physical system design;

3. System design documentation, including software architecture documentation & Entity Relational Diagrams (ERDs)

4. Conduct system testing and evaluation

5. Generate dynamic program specific reports

6. Design and develop synchronization framework

7. Constantly liaise with the CANGO M&E manager

8. Produce a system operational manual to be pre-tested and handed over to CANGO

Interested applicants Interested applicants can submit their proposals and at least 3 references of similar work undertaken to administration@cango.org.sz before the end of 27 April 2021.

Only successful applicants will be contacted.