Background – Vusumnotfo is a Swazi Not-for-Profit organization whose formation was authorized by community 

leaders in northern Hhohho following the 1991/92 drought and food distribution activities. Vusumnotfo’s programming strategy aims to strengthen skills at family and community level in practices that support the development and learning of young children. This TOR is directly related to Vusumnotfo’s third objective to improve the infrastructure and management of water & sanitation systems, and hygiene & conservation practices at community lever Scope of work – the scope of this hydrogeological feasibility study will be limited to targeted locations within the two constituencies.

Objective – the main objective of this assignment is to investigate for groundwater potential in terms of its occurrence and quality within the targeted locations. Further assess each location’s situation socially, environmen-tatty, biologically and chemically. The study will aspire to attain ten (10) wet boreholes to be utilized as water sources for the water supply schemes.

• Undertake a hydrogeological assessment within the areas where Vusumnotfo intends to implement micro water supply schemes fed by groundwater.

• An environmental and social safe guard’s assessment will lie at the core of the hydrogeological feasibility study. The task shall be conducted in line with existing environmental protection.

• Assessment of key security issues on water sources as well as understanding the best sustainability factors.

• Assessment of groundwater quality on and around the selected areas.

Time Frame – the study will be completed in 30 working days and the final report will be completed after comments have been communicated and included in the final report, followed by a presentation to the project Steering Committee

Qualifications of Consuttant(s) – the assignment can be undertaken by either an individual consultant or Swazi ‘egistered company with the following profile:

• Shall have a minimum of postgraduate qualification in natural sciences with majors in hydrogeology, geology or geophysics supported with experience on groundwater development in the country for no less than five (5) years.

• Sound knowledge of borehole construction for groundwater abstraction is crucial.

• Experience on aquifer testing and characterization is paramount for this assignment.

• Be familiar with national water resources and environmental protection legislation and guidelines.

• Experience in conducting environmental and social issues as well as chemical and biological quality of groundwater is important.

Knowledge on climate change and its impact on groundwater will be an advantage.

Compliance – submission must include proof of compliance with Eswatini SRA and immigration requirements. interested individual consultants and companies should request a more detailed TOR by email to vusumnotfo@gmail.com.

Deadline for submissions – Wednesday November 27, 2019