Operations Analyst

Under the guidance of the DRR (P/O), the Operations Analyst provides strategic support to Senior Management on all operational processes and supervises the efficient provision of financial, human resources, procurement, administrative/logistical, ICT and UN common services consistent with UNDP rules and regulations. The main role is to supervise these operational practices in the CO, and ensure the smooth functioning of the CO/programmes/ projects operations, consistent services delivery and constant evaluation and readjustment of these operational areas to take into account changes in the operating environment as and when needed.

The Operations Analyst leads and guides the CO Operations Team and fosters collaboration within the team, with programme staff and with other UN Agencies and a client-oriented approach. The Operations Analyst works in close collaboration with programme and project teams in the CO, operations staff in other UN Agencies, GSSU, UNDP HQs staff and Government officials to successfully deliver operations services.

Summary of Key Functions:

  • Implementation of operational strategies
  • Financial resources management and supervision of the Finance team
  • Human Resources Management and supervision of the HR
  • Efficient procurement and logistical services and supervision of the Procurement team
  • Information and communication management and supervision of ICT
  • Common services organization and management, establishment of partnerships with other UN Agencies.

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Procurement Associate Program

Eswatini new CPD is informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF), 2021-2025. The UN in the country initiated the UNSDF with a comprehensive Common Country Assessment (CCA) which provided the necessary evidence for guiding the UN support to sustain progress on SDGs. It is fully aligned to the National Development Plan (2019/20-2021/22) and the Strategic Road Map (2019-2022) of the country, which prioritizes sustainable economic growth and inclusive governance to ensure that economic opportunities reach those furthest behind.  The new country programme will invest in the priority areas of poverty reduction, climate change and efficient governance and is expected to contribute to the following mutually interrelated and complementary pillars: a) Sustainable Inclusive Economic Growth; and b) Efficient and Participatory Governance.

The new CPD’s implementation requires dedicated programme support capacities that will enable the programme team deliver on UNDP’s commitment. Procurement services for the programme is one of the key capacities required to ensure timely delivery. The largest portfolio in the CPD is the Sustainable Inclusive Growth pillar, in which the Environmental Sustainability and Resilient Development programme forms 70% of the overall CO’s annual delivery.

It is against this background; a dedicated procurement expertise is required to enable the Environmental Sustainability and Resilient Development Programme (ESRDP) deliver effectively.  The Procurement Associate promotes a client-focused, quality and results- oriented approach in the Unit. The Procurement Associate works in close collaboration with the operations, programme and projects’ staff in the CO and UNDP HQs staff for resolving complex procurement-related issues and information exchange.

With close collaboration of the Programme Support Team and the ESRDP Project Manager, the Procurement Associate will implement all ESRDP procurement. The Procurement Associate will work closely with all other relevant units and project teams associated with Energy and Environment to resolve complex procurement-related issues and information delivery

Under the general guidance of the UNDP Deputy Resident Representative on procurement compliance rules and procedures, and the direct supervision of the UNDP’s Team Leader for Environment, Energy and Climate Change, the Procurement Associate will implement the procurement requirements of ESRDP, in addition to general procurement services in the UNDP Country Office (CO), ensuring effectiveness, transparency and integrity. The Procurement Associate will promote a client-focused, quality and results- oriented approach in the CO.

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