The Coordinating Assembly for Non-Governmental Organizations (CANGO) has vacancies in the Grants Management Unit (GMU) program funded by FHI360. The program provides support in grants management and capacity development to local Key Populations civil society organizations capacities and provides funding to them to implement implementing HIV/AIDS programs.

Reports to: Executive Director

Specific Functions of the Position

Capacity Development

1. Facilitate capacity development of Partners implementing the Key Populations Investment Fund (KPIF)

2. Responsible for Organizational Development component of the project

3. Support KPIF Partners to develop Organizational Policies 4. Ensure Governance capacity for oversight of KPIF project

5. Provide oversight for Partners Human Resources Management

6. Assist KPIF Partners in Resources Mobilization

7. Collaborate closely with the Grants and Programs Department to support Partners.

8. Assist in the development and adaptation of capacity assessment tools.

9. Assist in providing comprehensive and customized capacity development mentoring for each Partner to include support for human resource management, governance and board leadership, organizational sustainability, and external relations/networking.

10. Assist in partners in systems strengthening processes such as policies, governance capacity strengthening

11. Ensure Human Resource management systems including recruitment, appraisal, contracting, filing, exiting are in place

12. Lead organizational capacity assessments and development of institutional strengthening plans with all Partners.

13. Update Partner consolidated institutional strengthening plans to ensure that all capacity development priorities are documented and progress tracked over time.

14. Conduct regular field visits to Partners to provide one on one OD support, and spot checks.

15. Plan organizational development trainings customized to the individual needs of Partners and facilitate training sessions as needed.

16. Assist in strengthening networks and coordination among implementing partners.

17. Conduct periodic review/mapping of the technical and organizational strengths/assets that exist among the Partners so that best practices and expertise can be exchanged locally.

18. Participates in Organizational Development related forums with international and sister agencies; and

19. Documents and disseminate OD best practices in organizational strengthening.

HR & Administration

1. Monitor OD component and ensure implementation.

2. Develop and maintain grantee site visit schedule and filing of site visit and programmatic reports.


1. Perform functions with a view to safeguarding and developing the best interests of CANGO

2. Ensure that documents are saved on shared drive

Education and Experience Requirements:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science or related field.

• Specialty in HR management or history of people management an added advantage

• Minimum 3-5 years of experience in working for HIV related programs

• Experience working with donor funds, particularly Global Fund, USG and grants or contracts management preferable.

• Strong interpersonal and public relation skills

• Excellent English Language oral and written communication, proficiency in MS Office suite

• Light duty driver’s license


Reports to: Finance Analyst

Specific Functions of the Position

Grants Administration;

1. Assist with drafting grant agreement documents, modifications and Neg memos

2. Administer the full cycle of grants management activities beginning from pre-award assessments, monitoring/compliance visits and close-out procedures.

3. Track grantee contractual obligations, e.g., pre-award conditions

4. Assist in close out at the end of grantee agreements, document finding and ensure that all close-out checklists are completed and outstanding issues are addressed

Capacity Building and Support:

1. Provide technical assistance in terms of accounting, financial management, financial policy formulation and systems of internal control to all grantees to ensure compliance in terms of USAID and other donor rules and regulations

. Perform assessments of grantee organizations as directed by the Finance Manager

3. Review grantee budgets and provide assistance and guidance where necessary including the monitoring and interpretation of project budgets versus actual expenditures

4. Train and mentor grantees on policies and procedures and USAID regulations

5. Facilitate the VAT claiming process for grantees and ensure that timely reimbursements are received

Regular Monitoring and Audits:

1. Perform monthly reviews, audits and approval of grantee expense reports ensuring that expenses are auditable and verifiable

2. Conduct and document regular grantee site visits to ensure that pre-ward conditions are addressed and implemented by grantees within the period specified in the grant agreement

3. Review budgets and ensure that budget amendment requests from grantees are timeously communicated to the Finance Analyst for auctioning and approval

4. Monitor the grantee burn rate, and communicate with the Finance Analyst on a monthly basis

5. Monitor and track grants related performance measurement indicators and liaise with Finance Analyst to implement strategies to improve CANGO performance

6. Maintain the grantee obligation matrix, and ensure records reconcile with CANGO accounting records,

7. Prepare grantee advances and ensure that it is received timely. 8. Perform original document verification every quarter and ensure that grantee files are up to date

9. Review grantee asset register and conduct physical verification on a quarterly basis.

10. Work with the Finance Department in ensuring that grantee payments are prepared timeously.

11. Work with Finance Analyst in verification of all Grants Payments


1. Assist with Donor Financial Reporting every month

2. Prepare VAT schedule to the Finance Analyst on a monthly basis

Education and Experience Requirements:

• B.Com Degree in Accounting;

• Three or more years previous work experience in grants and financial management.

• Experience working with donor funds, particularly USG and grants or contracts management preferable.

• Strong interpersonal and public relation skills Excellent English Language oral and written communication, proficiency in MS Office suite

• Light duty driver’s license

Interested applicants must send applications including a resume, cover letter and salary history to Executive Director through administration@cango.org.sz

Deadline for applications is Tuesday, November 12, 2019.

Please be advised that only short-listed candidates will be contacted

About Coordinating Assembly for Non-Governmental Organizations (CANGO)

The Coordinating Assembly of Non-Governmental Organizations or CANGO is a membership-based NGO operating in the Kingdom of Eswatini since 1983. Originally started off as a network of Primary Healthcare providers, CANGO is now the national coordinating body with a membership base of over 70 NGOs. CANGO's strength is in its members and we value the programming and advocacy work NGOs do