Job Purpose:

Provide consistent, regular, high quality transport of patient samples from health clinics to laboratories within the National Sample Transportation System.

Main Duties: 

Following an initial period of training in sample collection, Packaging, and transportation, the successful candidate will be expect to:

  1. Drive daily on predetermined routes to pick up all types of patient samples from health facilities and transport them to the mother labs.
  2. Return test results from laboratory to health facilities in a timely manner according to a predetermined schedule.
  3. Transport laboratory commodities from stores to health facilities as requested I. Ensure integrity of all samples during transport.
  4. Follow all internal safety precautions for transportation of infectious samples.
  5. Support sites to collect high quality samples and reject any samples at site that do not meet testing requirements.
  6. Maintain transport and sample logbooks and submit regular reports to Sample Transportation System Management.
  7. Keep vehicle clean a. in top condition and assist management in following regular maintenance schedule.
  8. Develop and maintain a good working relationship with point of contact at each clinic.
  9. Perform Phlebotomy in the laboratory in the absence of other sample transportation duties processes will be performed according to agreed upon standard operating procedures.

Minimum Qualifications:

To fulfill these functions, the MOH seeks a motivated individual with the following qualification:

  1. Phlebotomy certificate
  2. Valid driver’s license for two years with a clean record.
  3. General Certificate of Education with at least 1 credit and 5 passes in Science subjects, English and Mathematics
  4. Knowledge of how to package infectious samples for safe transport an added advantage
  5. Candidate must possess strong organizational skills and pay attention to detail
  6. Ability to maintain schedule with minimal supervision.

Applications submission and deadline:

Please submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae. and certified academic certificates to:

The Director of Health Services,

Ministry of Health,

Mhlambanyatsi Road,

Mbabane, Eswatini.

Deadline for submission 18th January 2020