At Jabulile School we are focused on preparing our students for this second quarter of the 21st Century. We have engaged our children right from the Foundation level to grow and achieve in a nurturing. Christian environment. Mathematics, Language and the Arts form the basis of our approach to Science and Technology. We are determined chat our students will be in the forefront of identifying the needs of others, the needs of the planet and in particular. the needs of our community. We aim to develop entrepreneurs, from Grade 1 who actively engage in a programme which focuses on learning through play and play through learning! We are looking for an innovative Foundation Phase educator who will on our team as we expand into the Senior Primary phase.

This educator will have experience and an understanding of the value of enabling:

  • Critical thinking skills for problem — solving including the ability to identify and unpack problems
  • Mathematics as the language of science — with an emphasis on Singapore Mathematics
  • Language — including phonetics for Foundation reading and comprehension skills
  • Technology — digital expertise as well as the means to create, together with the Arts, i.e. Fine Art & Practical Arts, practical solutions.
  • Entrepreneurial skills while consciously considering the global plight of the environment.

The successful applicant:

  • Must have a minimum 3 year teaching diploma, specialising in the Foundation phase. including the teaching of phonics. with an emphasis on the Thrass methodology
  • Must be fluent in English and be technologically/digitally competent.
  • must have a minimum of 2 years teaching experience with google classroom and other online teaching experience
  • Must be prepared to become actively involved with the extra mural programme.
  • Should preferably have independent schooling experience and be willing to contribute to the ethos of the school

Send a letter of application as well as an updated CV with professional and contactable references to


Or jabulileschoolII@gmail.com

Only applications that comply with the above requirements will be considered.

Closing date for applications Wednesday 1st July 2020.